In cervisia veritas – Rampant Imperial IPA

So some of the two of you that have read my blog may be thinking to yourself, “what is this drunk cop guy drinking?” Well tonight I have been drinking Rampant Imperial IPA from New Belgium Brewing. It has the word “imperial” in it which is beer nerd speak for “will knock your dick into your watchpocket,” or to quote Dave Chapelle, “It’ll get ya drunk!”

I have to admit, IPAs have been flooding the market, and are not my “go-to” style of beer. However, when you want to feel like you’re smoking weed in a state where it is illegal, IPAs kind of fill that niche. Rampant is not the most dank IPA I have ever had, but it scratches that itch nicely.

With its 8.5% ABV it is definitely boozey. The hops are agressive, but ina good way, very fruity. It has a very dry finish with some malty sweetness to balance the hop bite. It has a nice rocky head with that lacing that beer geeks fawn over. It looks pretty in a glass with its kind of red-goldĀ color. All around it is an excellent beer.

I kind of messed it up tonight. Went to a local Tex-Mex joint, and had a couple margaritas. I have come to the conclusion that margaritas are the junk food of alcohol. Though I have sampled some exceptional beers and whiskys, I still get cravings for cheap margaritas.

Before anyone gets too bent out of shape for my beer geek comments, I do consider myself a beer geek. I have started brewing my own beer. It is a fantastic hobby. It is like playing with a grown up chemistry set. Anywho, if you want to talk about adult beverages, brewing, or the decline of the United States, hit me up in the comments.