Great Raft Brewing Commotion American Pale Ale

As anyone reading this blog may be able to tell, I am from the South. I love the South, and I feel like we are underrepresented in the craft beer industry. I want to start looking at Southron beer. I get that I don’t have a huge readership, but hopefully every little bit helps.

Tonight I am drinking Commotion American Pale Ale from Great Raft Brewing located in Shreveport, LA. It has 5.5% alcohol by volume, and 49 I.B.U.s. According to the website the grain bill includes 2 row, Bolander, and Ashburne malts, and it is fermented with the house ale yeast. Hops include Bravo, Cascade, Citra, and Mosaic.

As with any beer labeled “X” Pale Ale the first thing you taste is the hops. On my palate I first taste a very citrusy, grapefruity, bitterness that subsides into a “dank” piney note. While the hops are out front, the malt backbone is sweet, and really balances this beer. It really scratches the hop itch without leaving the malt craving completely starved. I love this beer.

I was introduced to it by my wife. The brewery was doing a promotion at a local store near my wife’s place of employment. I asked her to surprise me with some beer. She stopped at the store and met who she referred to as the “owner.” I am assuming she met Andrew Nations. She talked about what a good salesman he was, and how he reminded her of me with his passion for beer and brewing. She brought me home a six pack of all the beers on offering at that time. They were all excellent. I may go more in depth with those beers the next time I pick up a six pack.

I really hope you Southron beer lovers out there will get the oppurtunity to try some beer from Great Raft. The Commotion American Pale Ale is awesome. IF you love IPAs and hoppy beers, this is one for you to try. If you haven’t quite made the jump from Bud/Miller/Coors, this one will keep you from enjoying craft beer. IPAs and other hoppy beers are an acquired taste, and should not be tackled until you have some craft beer experience. I will say this though, once you acquire a taste for hops, you will crave IPAs and similar beer styles. Anywho, drink good beer; drink Southron beer.